Bathtub Refinishing-How it is Saving the Environment

Refinishing the bathtub or cleaning the surface helps the ecosystem as old bathtubs are not dumped into the landfills but are cleaned. Additionally, as kitchen cabinets are refinished instead of being removed, trees are protected; one of the understated advantages of bathroom refinishing is seen there. A lot of money and cash are often saved as toilets, countertops and appliances are refinished and not poured into the landfills. That is a boost to the atmosphere from re-glazing.

Bathtub refinishing is the perfect eco option that helps homes, restaurants, motels by saving money on replacement. For eg, a new bath may cost as little as $300, but then you consider the expense of knocking down the old bath, cleaning it, getting rid of the tub and all the fittings, and then throwing all the mess on the landfill including the big bathtub. Refinishing bathtub benefits society and environment.

When you include the bathtub accessories, tile repair, flooring, carpentry and permits, you see the expense of building a bathroom will go up into the thousands of dollars. And what you thought was going to be a easy task of renovating the bathroom, transform it into a expensive work. The refinishing of the bathroom is done without a tear and that alone saves a lot of money.

When a tub is refinished, only one contractor is involved, and there is no headache in the scheduling. Replacing old bathrooms with new bathrooms, rather than refinishing them, can have a bad impact on the environment. Programs to refinish tub, saves landfill.

The bathtub is refinished just within the bathroom. The bath is washed, varnished and a special coating added, all within the bathroom. There is no waste taken in during the cycle and once the bathtub is refinished, nothing goes to the landfills.

This is quite important, because an estimated 47 percent of all landfill waste comes from home remodeling or restoration. Fixtures such as bathtubs, toilets, and cabinets are usually recycled, ensuring they wind up in the landfills leading to replacement pollution issues.

In addition, manufacturing new fixtures which are used in home remodeling needs a lot of electricity. The raw materials must be collected and then transported to the warehouse, utilizing electricity. Development of the fixture and equipment includes electricity to bring it to the market. When the fixtures are purchased, transportation to their final destination takes energy.

As more and more people realize that refinishing is a safer option to renovation, our landfills are seeing less and less fixtures. Equally significant during home renovation is the less electricity we consume when we refinish instead of removing all the fixtures. Visit our website to find out more about how bathtub refinishing saves money, time and the environment.